A new way of learning Japanese

The First Step to Fluency

The JSL MeTHOD is an efficient tool for learning key Japanese grammar patterns. Watch easy-to-understand videos and engaging stories, then measure your comprehension by completing quizzes. The JSL MeTHOD helps you gain a deep understanding of the Japanese language.


Crafted by an Established Japanese Language School

We have over 35 years’ experience teaching Japanese, our method helps you gain a deep understanding of the language.

Grammar Based on JLPT

The JSL MeTHOD covers basic grammar frequently tested on the JLPT, which is a reliable means of skill measurement and it provides the qualification to find jobs and get promotions.

Continual Learning

It takes only about 10 min to complete 1 session which provides the ability to continuously study without any stress or difficulty. This is an invaluable asset to acquiring a new language.


Whiteboard Animation

The whiteboard animation will help retain the obtained Japanese knowledge in the learner’s long-term memory.

Grammar Quiz

Practice JLPT based quizzes to measure your comprehension level and enhance your understanding of the sessions.

Engaging Story

Learn how these grammar patterns are used in real-life conversations by watching the original manga stories.


Multilingual Platform

Our application is available on multilingual platform such as Japanese, English, Vietnamese, Thai, Nepalese, Indonesian. The grammar explanation videos come with subtitles as well.
*The audio of the videos are only available in Japanese.

Playspeed adjustment

You can slow down or speed up the videos to catch all of the information.

Multidevice access

Learn anytime, anywhere, as many times as you want via multidevices; laptop, tablet, or phone.


Monthly plan


  • 3 days free trial

6 Months plan


  • 3 days free trial
  • Save 5%

Yearly plan


  • 3 days free trial
  • Save 10%

Common FAQ

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Yes. Please contact us through the inquiry page for the detail.
1. Open the menu.
2. Tap Profile.
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4. Tap Cancel Subscription. then click Change.